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To reach the picturesque old town of Mainz by public transport.

Approximately 50 meters from our hotel you will find the bus stop for lines 54 and 55 in the direction of Mainz (existing and downtown takes about 12 min.) There expect at the 1,000-year-old cathedral, the Gutenberg Museum and St. Stephen Church with the world-famous Chagall windows your visit. In addition to these well-known attractions Mainz has to offer much more in culture and art. A boat trip on the Rhine completes your Mainz program. According to art, culture and churches will stop at one of the many charming wine bars and learn the Mainzer of living.

Roman city of Mainz (www.roemisches-mainz.de, www.theatrum-mainz.de)
Isis Temple, Museum of Ancient Shipbuilding, Roman Theatre

Cultural activities (www.staatstheater-mainz.de, www.unterhaus-mainz.de)
State Theatre / Ballet, Forum Theatre "in house" intimate theater, Phoenix Hall, Frankfurter Hof, Rheingold Hall

media City
www.zdf.de (ZDF television garden) www.swr.de,

Museums (www.gutenberg.de)
Gutenberg Museum (Historical presses), National Museum (former. Princely. Marstall), Natural History Museum (past and present), Roman-Germanic Central Museum (Bronze Age to the early Middle Ages), Cathedral and Diocesan Museum (1000 years of history of the Mainz archbishopric) copper mountain Museum (How come the beads in the bottle), Isis and Mater Magna shrine (presentation of the temple ruins), carnival Museum,

St. Martin's Cathedral (1000 changeful history), St. Stephan (19 connection windows by Marc Chagall), St. Augustine's Church (Baroque), Christ Church (Church Services - Concerts - Exhibitions) + (Mainz University worship), St. Peter (demanding rococo)

Pedestrian zone and old city of Mainz
Wine Bars - Restaurants - beer gardens, the cathedral square, strolling - Watch - Shopping

Navigation of the Rhine
From Mainz to Koblenz, A day trip past vineyards and castles,

Mainz celebrates
Shrove Tuesday and Ash Monday, Midsummer Eve (3 days cheerful bustle around the DOM and in the old town and on the banks of the Rhine), wine tasting at the winery, champagne tasting and tour of the deepest Roman wine cellar, city tours / Theme, Christmas market,

Mainz 05 - www.mainz05.de - Marathon Mainz, Mainz USC (University Sports Club), Bundesliga baseball and much more

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Take advantage of the Mainz-Card
and learn the Rhineland-Palatinate state capital to know better:
The Mainz Card offers many benefits in Mainz: unlimited travel on all public transport, free admission to the museums of Mainz, free city guide and much more. The Mainz Card is available as individual and group ticket (up to 5 people) at a price of 9.95 euros and 25 euros. It applies on two consecutive days and is available from the Mainz Tourist in MVG transport center, and the Gutenberg Museum of Natural History, as well as many hotel receptions and of course in our house.



For your leisure plans in Kostheim and surroundings
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For your leisure plans in Wiesbaden and surroundings
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For your leisure planning in the Rheingau
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By bike



Explore the area by bike or on foot Our hotel's location is ideal for a stop on your tour along the Main or Rhein of the cycle path. Here you can relax from the stresses of the day and enjoy the evening relaxing on the terrace or in our guest house. Who is still up and running, can comfortably by bus to Mainz (12 min. To downtown) go there and visit some sights. You can of course also directly from here excursions in the surrounding area (Mainz, the Main River to Frankfurt, the Rhine and the Rheingau with its beautiful vineyards (Rheingau cycle path) and the surrounding monasteries and castles) do. Tour Tips: The Rhine cycle path from Mainz to Koblenz Mainz arrival Come now time to Mainz! Not only the Roman-Germanic Central Museum, the Gutenberg Museum, the Imperial Cathedral and the Electoral Palace worth an extended visit. Rudesheim to 35 km / 49 km left (translated by ferry in Ingelheim or Bingen) or right bank Welcome to the UNESCO World Heritage Upper Middle Rhine Valley! The beautiful first stage leads you through rolling vineyards and famous wine villages. The Rhine is flowing quite unhurriedly, forming little islands and broadening its bed up to 800 m wide! You can go worthwhile detour (+ 14 km) schedule in the medieval town of Eltville and Kloster Eberbach. In Rudesheim you should take the opportunity for a wine tasting, a stroll through the use Drosselgasse or a leisurely ride on the cable car to the Niederwald Monument. St. Goar 38 km Pompous castles along the way. And of course you should climb the Loreley. A hiking path leads up and gives you the beautiful sight to the narrowest part in the romantic Rhine Valley. Koblenz 36 km Next in the narrow Rhine valley route leads you to Boppard. Click here for more turbulent, but you can escape into densely wooded heights also the chair lift to Vierseenblick. Or visit the well-preserved castle Marksburg and pride rock on the way forward to German Corner in Koblenz. Koblenz-out Nobody wants to leave, but after 5 days in the Rhine valley, this beautiful bike trip to end.  Bicycle rentals Mainz If you want to rent a bike in Mainz, is well served by the "Call a Bike" wheels at the main station and hire station of CJD in Mainz City Port parking garage at the main train station; also guarded bike parking is possible. Bike by mobile phone: Up to 15 red and silver bicycles are on track 1, Section E of the Mainz central station to borrow ready. Anyone who has previously Rent GmbH registered in "Call a Bike", DB, Here Comes comfortable with a call to a bicycle. Simply enter the number on the bike and you can call losradeln. The price per minute is 8 cents, with rail card will only be charged 6 cents. The maximum daily price is 9 €. Registration and many more information, see www.callabike.de Bicycles at City Port: CJD (Christian Youth Villages Germany eV) Wheel of Mainz rentals in Park City home port at the central station Binger Strasse 19 Phone (during the season): 06131/336 12 25 Phone (off season): 06131/336 12 18 fahrrad@cjd-mainz.de www.cjd-mainz.de Opening times (April to September), Monday to Friday: 8 to 20 clock Friday: 8 to 16 clock Bicycle rentals in the surrounding areas: Even if you ever take a trip in the near or around Mainz, you are under the motto "bike at the station" over 250 bike rental stations either directly at the station or in the immediate vicinity for excursions or bike rides available, such as Frankfurt Hbf. Specifically for cyclists, DB AG cyclists hotline with the telephone number 01805/151415 (fee: 0,12 € / min.) Was established. More Information about train and bike deals in Rhineland-Palatinate, visit the website of the web. Zweiradboxx, Nackstrasse 14, 55118 Mainz, Tel. 06131-632966 We are happy to assist in arranging bikes.

by foot

In addition to the wheel, there are also many opportunities for hikers to explore the area on foot.
So the Bonifatius route (www.bonifatius-route.de) or the Rheingau Riesling path (Rheingau Riesling Route)


Tourentip: Rheingau Riesling routes

The Rheingau Riesling routes run over 80 miles of Kaub to Flörsheim-Wicker or vice versa. Extended to various secondary compounds offer the hiker even you 120 kilometers of walking pleasure. Individual entrances are Possible at all points along the route.

World Heritage Upper Middle Rhine Valley, the hike in Kaub, over Lorch am Rhein, Assmannshausen to Rudesheim am Rhein begins. There is not only the Drosselgasse, but among other things, the Niederwald Monument and Eibingen to visit.

Rüdesheim am Rhein we continue to Geisenheim and Oestrich-Winkel with the famous Cultural Schloss Johannisberg and Castle Vollrads. In 1775 it was discovered by chance on the Johannisberg the courier arrived with the permission to start the harvest too late - the higher quality of a "late" Reading and developed from this the high levels of quality, such as reading and ice wines, the world fame of Rheingau Riesling justified.

The next stations should Eberbach Abbey, a former Cistercian abbey where also the film "The Name of the Rose" and the Gothic wine village Kiedrich, associated with the St. Valentinuskirche and the oldest playable organ in Germany, on every hike program. The wine, champagne and rose Eltville am Rhein invites with half-timbered and the Electoral Palace in to a hiking stop.

About Walluf, the oldest wine-growing town of the Rheingau and Wiesbaden we continue to Hochheim am Main. There already recognized Queen Victoria of England: "Good Hock keeps off the doc" (Good hock wine makes the doctor unnecessary).

The hike finally leads to Florsheim am Main and ends in wicker.

Overall, the Rheingau Riesling lead routes over high trails and through vineyards and bring everywhere magnificent views of the Rhine Valley. Past unique cultural heritage, castle ruins, palaces and monasteries and by world-famous vineyards and wine villages.










 22 km    




22 km 



 Eltville am Rhein

22  km


Eltville am Rhein


22 km




 Mainz-Kostheim  Mainmündung
 Hotel** zum Engel


6 km
Mainz-Kostheim Mainmündung
Hotel** zum Engel
 Flörsheim am Main-Wicker




History of the city of Mainz Kostheim

Welcome to Mainz-Kostheim, former suburb of Mainz (capital of Rhineland-Palatinate) and jetzigem suburb of the state capital of Hesse Wiesbaden.


Are you confused ??? - We sometimes !!!  explanation:

Mainz-Kostheim is the southernmost district of the city of Wiesbaden and is situated on the estuary of the River Main in the Rhine. This district is one of the so-called AKK-districts (Amöneburg, Kastel, Kostheim), which belonged until 1945 to the city of Mainz. After the Second World War, the border between the French and American occupation zone went through the middle of the Mainz city: while the left bank of the urban area including downtown was in the French zone and therefore separated from the state of Hesse and the new state of Rhineland-Palatinate was assigned were the right bank Mainz districts Hessian. Kostheim, together with Kastel and Amöneburg heard since the city of Wiesbaden, which still is not without controversy, however. Home cooking has 13,941 (as of 31.12.2009) inhabitants. The coat of arms shows the 'Kostheimer pliers'.


Where the Main and Rhine Rivers, grows on the slopes of the second oldest wine-growing town in the Rheingau not only an excellent wine, the people love this place with his life and joy.

More than 50 clubs and organizations offer for all an attractive offer: Whether in the fifth season (Shrove Tuesday), at the wine tasting booth in food home the most beautiful corner of the Accreditation days of culture, the wine festival, the court festivities of the vineyard or in the broad community life - opportunities to meet to chat and to celebrate there are enough of.

Whether pure sport in clubs or recreation opportunities for exercise are sufficiently available. The protected landscape area Maaraue with its large outdoor swimming pool in summer offers not only a gorgeous view over the Rhine to Mainz, the unspoiled island invites every season for a relaxing stroll.

The specific location of the mouth of the Main certain relevant and not always for the benefit of the history of this place. The oldest traces of settlement from the barrows have found here date back to the Bronze Age. The Roman era left behind among other foundations and remains of civilization, but especially pillar remains of a bridge over the river Main.

Closely related to the two thousand year history of Mainz had food home - before then also called Cufstain since 1217 and C (h) ostheim Copsistaino, - to go through the passage of many foreign armies and hordes with looting and destruction. Equally often changed also the owner of the company of the counts, princes, abbots and bishops of the time. The peculiarity of the situation, but perhaps the fertile hinterland with its dominant the landscape of vineyards aroused again and again the interest of princes and military.

The oldest certification fare home comes from Charlemagne. On 31 August 790, he signed a document "to Copsistaino". Particularly outstanding was the last magnificent imperial feast, called Pentecost Emperor Barbarossa on the Maaraue where guests were accommodated for knighting of his sons in a large camp in 1184.

Even the Swedish king Gustav Adolf attended fare home and was built on the then district Kostheimer the "Fixed Gustav castle".

But Kostheim recovered again and again - the same from the devastation of the years 1793 to 1796 - though with great loss of historical substance.

During and after the siege of Mainz by the Prussians and Austrians in the Napoleonic Wars, basements and homes were looted and burned, devastated fields and trees. To keep up to now the saying "Häusche burned, ran away Kühche - poor child fare home." And the term "Kostheimer Nickellos" means that the poor Kostheimer had neither Taler yet nickel.

Kostheim was one of the main goals for rafting on the river Main. Many economic impetus thereof, whether or not specifically targeted by the formation of a cellulose factory in 1885th

In 1913, the annexation to Mainz and with it took place the further development into an industrial suburb, and at the end of the Second World War began in Kostheim a new stage of its history and development.

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